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Strategy Initiative

The Battle for Afghanistan

Afghan and international soldiers patrol the Arghandab Valley, September 2010. PATRICK BAZ/AFP/Getty Images

With 150,000 NATO and U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan and the war there in its ninth year, understanding the conditions on the ground in Afghanistan remains a challenge. On September 14, 2010, Counterterrorism Strategy Initiative co-director Peter Bergen, Pakistani political and strategic analyst Shuja Nawaz, and Maj. Michael Waltz discussed the current threat from al-Qaeda and its allies in Afghanistan and Pakistan and introduced the 'Battle for Afghanistan,' a sister series to the 'Battle for Pakistan,' a comprehensive collection of research papers on militancy and conflict in Pakistan's tribal areas.

The papers below represent the beginning of an ongoing project to understand the granular conditions that shape the insurgency and military operations in Afghanistan. Updated May 23, 2011.

Stay tuned: military operations in Helmand by Stephen Grey; and more.